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July 22, 2005
posted by Carol at 3:35 PM (Pacific)

Due to an illness in the family, this blog is being currently archived.

February 22, 2005
posted by Carol at 5:16 AM (Pacific)

What we've done so far this year that can be easily documented.

English Literature
U.S. History
Science-I'd call it either General Science or maybe Earth Science
Algebra A

Plus the butt-zillion other things that we've done throughout the year on an informal basis.

Culinary Arts
Vehicle Maintenance
Home Maintenance and Repair
Fine Arts, including painting,sculpting

I wish I'd have kept a journal, however informal, of all that we/they've done.

February 19, 2005
posted by Carol at 5:38 PM (Pacific)


I just "Googled" "christian mom homeschooling blog" and I was stunned and amazed to see that this dusty little unkempt blog o' mine showed up 8th on the list.

I am both pleased and horrified.

Please because I am 8th on Google.
Page uno of a search!

Horr-i-o-fied because, well, thats obvious.
This poor little blog's upkeep not all that well kept.

I was also kinda surprised to see that the very first blog on the list is actually a Muslim mama's blog. Not sure if she's a homeschooler or not, I'll have to go explore her site abit.

Hehehehehehehe :)
Thats kinda funny if ya think about it.
"christian homeschooling mom blog" brings up a muslim mama and me! :)

And, please, I mean no offence at all to any of you dear christians out there.

I'm not even totally sure why I Googled the phrase, the 3 big plastic red cups of Michelob Ultra this evening (my neighbor put a kegerator in her basement) may have had something to do with it. For some reason a wee bit o'booze in my veins and I start waxing philosophically and/or spiritually.

August 24, 2004
posted by Carol at 4:35 PM (Pacific)

I wish we had a good private school option around here.
I'd send my kids in a heartbeat.
Not so much because I want them to be in school or that I dislike homeschooling. Its just the husband and I have such different ideas of what homeschooling them entails.

I lean towards unschooling or some sort of unstructured sort of learning. I'm not a "true" unschooler, in the purest sense of the word, but I dislike immensely textbooks and rigid sorts of required schooling.

DH is a former public school teacher, 'nuff said.

We had a HUGE screaming fight today, in which I screamed at him that if he expected me to homeschool the kids exactly like they were in school then he'd better go sign them up for "real" school 'cause that's not how I (or the kids) operate. and I also added a few F- You's and slammed doors in the midst of it as well.

No, not one of my finest moments, not something you'd probably read about in one of those glowing issues of homeschooling magazines. But, this is a real life homeschooling blog, not the sanitized, saintly image that I'm supposed to be portraying to the ever watching public eye.

so, shoot me.

December 10, 2003
posted by Carol at 4:58 AM (Pacific)

My long neglected homeschooling blog.
Add yet another thing to my guilt list.

My husband has taken up an interest in woodworking. He's bought himself a few tools and he and the boys have taken to spending hours and hours out in the garage hammering together such wonderful things as end tables, Adirondack chairs, shelves and plywood weapons.

They have fun, spend time together and the boys are learning alot whilest not even realizing it. DH was talking to a co-worker the other day about their garage exploits and how he was "teaching" the kids to use a tape measure. This fella told him that if the kids knew how to read a tape measure then they were all ready ahead of about 50% of the people who apply for jobs at his factory.

He wasn't joking either.

December 1, 2003
posted by Carol at 6:45 AM (Pacific)

Its been forever since I've updated. Forgive me?

Boy#1 is almost done with 8th grade. We took some time and looked around online together to try and find a suitable high school program for him. We all agree that he needs something other than just textbooks. He likes the idea of video school and I agree. So far the only curriculum I can find in that format is Abeka. Price and content are both major concerns for me. Its spendy aprox. $1000. Now, thats dirtcheap compared to sending him to a private school. We checked that and its $7,000-$9,000 per year for high school. Content, well, what can i say? Its christian. Not that he (my son) nor I have a huge problem with that, its just that all he wants to do is take the necessary courses needed to complete high school so he can get into college. He doesn't want or need alot of preaching done at him. He told me, "Its not that I mind the bible stuff, mom, it just gets really annoying after awhile."

What I/we need to do is check out some of the secular correspondence programs that are out there for high school homeschoolers. I know there are several. IU (Indiana University) has a high school correspondence program. That would be very, very cool. Its REALLY expensive though. I dunno. I want to have everything decided and ready to go by Feb. or March.

October 29, 2003
posted by Carol at 4:32 PM (Pacific)

So, I have just committed myself to taking the vegpledge

My husband and oldest son are totally on board with me. Son2 and Son3 have their doubts and suspicions about the whole ordeal. They love meat. I could totally gross them out and make them never want to eat it again but I don't think thats a fair thing to do to them. Husband wants to go veggie for health reasons. I also am concerned about health issues while son1 is in it totally for ethical reasons. We'll see how it goes.