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Monday, April 19, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 4:39 PM (Pacific)

We have decided to archive this blog. It's been permanently replaced by:

The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty Blog

In fact we are archiving the entire beauty section on thebroadroom, and replacing it with:

The Lipstick Page Forums

You will recognize everyone who has been blogging here:

Carol = carol
Raphaelle = greendragon
Josephine = Colleen

The Lipstick Page - A beauty forum on the Web now contains the beauty links page, the beauty jargon page, and will soon include New Releases. We have also added an Image Library.

See you there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 8:50 AM (Pacific)

Methodical, that's me :) My parents have always teased me about that...

Ah you see, thin lips might be good for bright lipstick (unless like my grandmother, your lips are so thin that they look like two lines) but thin lips can't work dark lipstick. Full lips can though because they won't disappear. I've always loved very dark lipstick but it makes my mouth disappear. Besides, I'm a smidge too pale for it. Maybe if I had black hair...


Monday, February 16, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:47 PM (Pacific)

Wow...that is methodical.

Definitely--a small mouth can wear bright or intense lipstick, better than full lips. On mine, it's "too much." So, I'm jealous. :) You have much more versatility.

I would like to announce here, that we--thebroadroom.net--have recently acquired The Lipstick Page.

The new Lipstick Page

LP is an old love of mine. :) It is the first Internet beauty forum that I ever truly loved...okay I like MUA, I can admit that...and FOL is good too. But LP is where I've been since 1998.

Please feel free to go there and check it out. Registration and participation are free and the atmosphere is friendly!


Sunday, February 15, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:45 AM (Pacific)

I really insist that I'm not the first to use flowers as inspiration. When I thought of it, I realized, "Of course! Artists have been using flowers and nature as inspiration forever!"

Haven't tried out the combo yet though. I'm still a bit afraid of eyeshadow. Also, I've been using each of my lipsticks and glosses with only mascara and blush and I want to finish with that before going back to eyeshadow. Two more lipsticks to go! It's been a fascinating journey. I've discovered some of my staples actually don't look that great with eyeshadow and that some that I never knew how to use really light up my face.

MAC Twig is a lipstick that's just a bit too brown for me. It works with eyeshadow but not without. Nars Dolce Vita is much better because it's more pink. Chanel Pin-Up glossimer, MAC Lust, MAC Prrr, and MAC Underage lipglasses as well as MAC Syrup lipstick also look best with eyeshadow. Granted, all of these are quite pale so they're very useful when doing a strong eye. It also explains why I used them a lot before. They're still very useful whereas MAC Twig is just plain too brown. I kinda still want to finish MAC Twig though because I'm so close to the end of it :) Won't repurchase it though.

Other than that, I've seen that bright lipsticks really light up my face. Bright reds and pinks mostly like UD Gash (both lipstick and lipgunk), MAC Redwood, Craving, Viva Glam IV, Acrylicka, Nars Fire Down Below and Captiva (more plum but very nice as a stain). I never thought a strong lip could work on me because I have a small mouth and thin lips but as long as the lipstick is bright rather than dark, it looks quite good.

Other discovery: when using a not too bright lipstick and only mascara on my eyes, I can use more blush. That's very pretty too. That works best with something like MAC Sophisto (my lips but better on me with a bit of sheen) or Maybelline Pink Diamonds. I love going heavier with something like L'Oreal gel blush in Rouge Glow (such a healthy look on me), Benefit Dandelion (nice and pink), or Nars Sin (love that flush).

When I finish up with the lipsticks, I'll go back to eyeshadow but I want to start out with washes. I want to see what each of my shadows looks like on its own. I may do the Gerbera daisy look at one point just to try it out but combinations won't be my focus at first. This is all part of the cleaning out of my stash process :) It'll give me a better idea of what it is that I have and what it does for me.

So you asked about the lustres... I have two: Sophisto and Syrup. Syrup is a light mauve pink. Pretty. Sophisto is, like I said, my lips but better. It's a pinkish-reddish but not bright colour. I don't detect any brown in it. And it has a gleam to it. Like there's shimmer in it but very little. It's like the lipstick glistens a bit on the lips. It gives an otherwise boring lipstick more punch.


Friday, February 13, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 12:24 PM (Pacific)

Raphaelle...that is brilliant. I would never in a bazillion years have thought of that. And yet now that you've said it, it seems glaringly obvious? lol

I think that is part of the definition of genius. When someone invents something...oh, say, the pull-top of a soda can that stays on the can...battery-operated baby swings...VCR's...paper clips...it all seems patently obvious, as if we all should have thought of it. Yet, before someone actually thought of it, no one did (or followed it through).

Did you try out the yellow green/burgundy combo yet? Or are you still avoiding eyeshadow? It sounds quite intriguing.

I'll have to admit, I got rid of the lipsticks I had before, that didn't look good on their own. I'm too lazy to put on eye makeup sometimes. But I can do lipstick--it has to work on its own.

I have actually had to turn my lipstick around...for the first time in...years. I tend to flatten out one side of it. Now my Jubilee is so flat on one side, I have to use the other side. Well for me it's a milestone. *g*

I'm not going to repurchase Maybelline Sweet Sorbet, but I will use it up. I've decided I rather like Jubilee. I'll want to repurchase that.

Have you tried many of the Lustre formulas? I keep seeing Sophisto mentioned. I'll check out the soupsake site and see what else they have in that formula; I like it.

P.S. What a cool idea for wedding flowers...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:21 AM (Pacific)

Gerbera daisies! That's what I got! They were absolutely gorgeous. I love this kind of flower. They look so natural and unpretentious. And they last forever too. They're still going strong at home. They've been drinking up their water and they're almost as beautiful as when I got them.

I can't take credit for the flower inspiration. Can't say one person in particular got me to do it but when I read interior decorating articles and beauty articles (fashion or makeup), there are always a few that use nature as inspiration. I'll just take credit for keeping that inspiration in my memory :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:20 AM (Pacific)

Okay folks some new Sephora stuff:

Operation Smile Lip Baume at Sephora.com

Change a face, change a life. Sephora, the world's largest beauty retailer, has joined forces with Operation Smile, a not-for-profit medical service organization whose volunteers provide the surgery and supplies needed to repair cleft lips and palates, burns, tumors and other birth defects for underprivileged children around the world.

All net proceeds of this moisturizing, SPF 15 Lip Baume (for men and women) will be donated to Operation Smile. When you purchase a Lip Baume, you, too, can help make a difference in the lives of some remarkable people, one smile at a time.



Monday, February 09, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:31 PM (Pacific)

Would they have been daisys? or is it daiseys? Forgive me, I can not spell my way out of a paper bag sometimes.
I love Gerbera daisies, thats what your flowers sound like.

Ohhhh, thats pure genius, using flowers for color combos! Love it! Nobody does color combos like mother nature. :)

I noticed that a nearby greenhouse has primroses for sale. I think I'll go get myself some tomorrow. A pot of bright flowers seems like just the thing to brighten up this dull dreary, snowy, cold February we're having.
~carol m~

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 1:25 PM (Pacific)

Oh! I forgot to mention a few things... You know how my skin is all dry and sensitive around my eyes? Well, I was removing makeup with water (non waterproof mascara so it works). But I'm getting sick of wearing only mascara so I tried using unscented mineral oil to remove my mascara. After two days, my skin was red and irritated which was odd because unscented mineral oil is really gentle. So I went back to water and I started thinking maybe my cotton pads were irritating me. Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went to the opera and I was not to be deterred from wearing eye makeup (I was good though, one eyeshadow, one liner, mascara, and no concealer even though I still had some redness; I did not want to irritate that area any further). When we got home, I used my gel makeup remover but without using the cotton pad. I just rinsed everything off with water. Voila! No irritation!

I still need to wear mostly mascara because I'm trying out my lipsticks. Discovered that MAC Twig doesn't do anything for me when I'm not wearing eye makeup. Discovered that bright reds and pinks do a LOT for my face when wearing no eye makeup. So I want to go through all my lipsticks before I get to eye stuff again.

Speaking of eye makeup, I went to the market with my boyfriend. We bought some flowers. Dang! I forgot the name. Marguerite in French. They're the "he loves me he loves me not" flowers... Anyhow, these ones have a yellow-green center and deep burgundy petals. I want these for my wedding... Anyhow, I want to try something like that on my eyes. A yellow-green like MAC Bitter with a deep burgundy like MAC Sketch or Nars New York (more understated). Maybe even mix in some MAC Fiction or Tarnish to add a deeper green (like the stems). Flowers are my favourite source of colour combination inspiration :) Flowers just know how to be pretty...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:27 AM (Pacific)

Teehee, I just wanted freckles because I liked them. I wanted one single dimple too (I liked the asymmetry of one lone dimple in on one cheek better). Hmmm, I wanted blue eyes and blonde hair that flips up too. And this was all before I turned 10...

Oh, you said you didn't know what sap green is... Think of evergreens. That's how deep the green is. And it's more yellow than blue. Kind of like a dark olive if I remember correctly. I was using the sap green as an example because all the painting books I've read (not a million but still...) name sap green as being one of your basic colours.

Ok, so I haven't said much about my stash reduction. Where was I? Oh yeah, I'd done Chanel and Urban Decay. I was getting rid of Chanel Stellaires quad and giving Chanel Nymphea one last go around to see if I really truly need it. That quad itself is so pretty. And that's how they get me sometimes. I'll see a quad or trio or even duo and the colours look so pretty next to each other that sometimes, maybe 5% of the time, I'll buy it. Then, I realize I had 2 of the 4 colours at home... I need to stop that. It only happens when I do some impulse buying or when I decide to buy something without really knowing what I want to get. So the solution is just: no more impulse buying.

OK, so next brand. What about... Nars?

Sin blush: definite keeper. It's more of a special occasion blush but I'm deeply in love with it. It gives me a sophisticated and sexy flush.

Bombshell shadow: haven't worn eyeshadow in a long time so I'm going by memory. This was a frosty grey but with a cool beige undertone. I got it because it looked so special and unique. In fact, I haven't had it for very long and haven't experimented enough with. My gut feeling is it's extremely versatile. Verdict: keeper until next purge (that'll be goodness knows when).

Istanbul eye khol: gorgeous medium blue. Cool, has a bit of a purple undertone. I'm not used to medium blues as liner but it's truly beautiful (got it because of Dain). So with Bombshell: keeper until next purge. I just need more time with it.

Emotional Rescue palette: has Orgasm blush, Cannes multiple, shadows in Lulu, Notorious, Night Fairy, and Himalayas, lipsticks in Dolce Vita, Tanganyka, Captiva, and Tobago. The blush is great for a pop of colour. I wouldn't buy a full size of it but this size is good. Cannes is a very nice rosy brown colour that can be used as blush, shadow, and lipstick. Problem is, creams crease on my lids and the texture is a bit dry on the lips for my taste. Great blush though :) Again, I wouldn't buy a full size but this is good. I love all the shadows in this palette. Lulu is a dark purple that's sheer enough to be able to do crease work. Notorious is a medium grey with a pearly sheen (beautiful). Himalayas is white with a pink iridescence (great highlight colour), and Night Fairy is light lilac with glitter (gold or silver, I forget). Notorious is the only one I would get a full size of but I wouldn't want to get rid of the others either. And the lipsticks are great. Keep in mind that I can't apply them from the tube because they're in a palette. Captiva is a dark red-plum colour. Very pretty when applied as a stain. I'd get that in a full size. Dolce Vita is a nice warmish browned pink on me. Great neutral. Tanganyka and Tobago are both browned berry shades on me, one being shimmery and the other not but a bit darker. Love them all. Verdict: this palette is a definite keeper.

Lust for Life palette: Has blushes is Amour and Mata Hari, eyeshadow duo in Tokyo, eyeshadow in New York, and lipsticks in Dolce Vita, Fire Down Below, and Pigalle. Amour is too orange for me and I don't need Mata Hari when I have Dandelion. Tokyo duo looks a lot like two shadows I got in a Lancome GWP. The darker mauve colour is very nice but I can't see myself using the light grey one. Besides, if I ever wanted it, it's in the Lancome GWP compact (along with the second shadow and a blush). Then, there's New York. It's kind of like a cross between MAC Sketch and MAC Blackberry. So a dark burgundy/mauve colour. I love love love this colour. For the lipsticks, Fire Down Below is a great red but I already have MAC Redwood (less drying) and UD Gash. I don't wear red THAT much. Dolce Vita is in the Emotional Rescue palette and Pigalle is too brown for me. And drying too. So, verdict: Lust for Life is gone. I only like the New York shadow so if I find myself really missing it, I could get a full size. It's worth it. And besides, this kit would also look great on my sister...

So one more item gone. I'm keeping way more than I'm getting rid of but that was to be expected. I'm feeling good about the progress I'm making! It'll feel liberating to have my stash down to only products I adore and "need".